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My suggestion is to carefully trim her fingernails right down to the tips of her fingers, including rounding off the edges (I used to use the medium-rough side of a buffing block). Even if Delaney makes a scratching motion, she shouldn't draw blood if her nails are kept short and round.


Good point, Karen! I forgot to mention that I felt so guilty about this particular scratch because Roger and I had planned to cut Delaney's nails that very morning and forgot. We won't forget again, that's for sure!


The careworker sounds like an idiot. Since she knows Delaney MIGHT scratch the baby, why doesn't she distract her before this happens?

Lauren was in fulltime daycare when she was the same age as Delaney, and incidents happened pretty regularly. Her teachers just reported what happened and what was done about it. At that age, it isn't really as though you can discuss the bad behavior later and try to modify it...

Hang in there...this phase will pass.


I think setting up some playdates sounds like the best idea. So.... yu and Roger just move to Atlanta and we can hang out with the girls all day long. :-)


Yikes! Scratching! Well at least it's not biting right? Mine is into slapping at the moment- me, the dog, the bag of recycled paper on the floor. Its hard to find that balance of not making a big deal of it, yet being firm enough to teach them that its not nice. Good luck with the scratching!

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