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After having two girls it's dawned on me that I don't HAVE to ask them anything. Just put their snack, whatever on the table. I'm not running a restaurant. Although I do give my 4-year-old choices. Of course she'd love to eat cookies for dinner nightly! And Elmo is the great pacifier. Good luck. Caitlin's tantrums peaked at 2 and still rear their ugly head. Amelia is just barely starting to protest things. Help.


We've been lucky and haven't had very many tantrums but nobody escapes them altogether. The most important thing I've learned is that a tantrum is a show. It's the kid visibly, audibly, heartwrenchingly (they hope although usually you're not heartwrenched so much as driven to wish you could wrench them a different way...) showing you they really, really, REALLY WANT something. What's a show without an audience? Not much of a show. Put Delaney somewhere she won't get hurt while she thrashes and yells - middle of the kitchen floor? play yard? clear hallway? - then you leave the area and let her yell and kick. Once she figures out nobody is watching, she'll calm down. Good luck!


I know what you mean -- if tantrums peak at 2, then I'm in trouble!


The dreaded "automatic no"! I'm sorry! Yeah, apparently the "terrible twos" start sometime in the second year of life rather than sometime after the second birthday.

I'm still waiting for the automatic no phase to go away. I have to wait until it is significantly subsided to start potty training. The end is no where in sight.

You will get a handle on the hard stuff before you know it. Just keep faith and wait to totally freak out about stuff until she goes to bed. While I hate to conpare kids with enemies, I think the phrase "never let 'em see you sweat" is apt when raising children...


My almost 2 yr. old started with the meltdowns quite a while ago. They got worse once little sister arrived 6 months ago. They're still pretty infrequent, though she had a big one in the library about a month ago. Public tantrum! On a tile floor! Good times.

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