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Oh my god. What a good story. I keep wondering if my 17-month old son will be scarred for life after witnessing me insert a tampon.


I laughed out loud. That is classic and I hope that you will share that video with me sometime. Damn these smart kids! :)


That's hilarious! Amelia loves to sling my purse over her shoulder however she hasn't found any of my lovely tampons. It did make me a bit nervous when my 4-year-old caught me inserting one about a month ago. I did something lame to distract her, like let her put on my lipstick.


Holy shit - I am howling over here.

Nothing funnier than a dog wearing a tampon.

Also...what part of Texas?


OMG that almost killed me. The fact you captured that Hallmark moment on film is just priceless...

Mrs. Flinger

BUIHAHAHAHAH! OMG. Best. Story. Ever. :: wiping tears :: HAHAHAH!

Luff it. See? It's so free to be open about your hayhay.

I believe we can officially meet now. :-)

Lisa P

Oh my goodness!! This is hysterical!! Reminds of of when one of my nephews saw my sister putting on a fresh pad. He asked what it was and she told him it was a big band aid that she needed because she had a boo-boo. Fast forward about a week later . . . my mom was visiting my sister a week later and was complaining about her back hurting. (You see where this is going don't you?) My nephew ran out of the room and came back brandishing a "band aid" for my mom!!

At least it was my mom!! :)


That was hysterical! Leda also likes to put bags over her shoulder and wave she is trying to be me. But the tampon thing... that's just hysterical! At least you won't have to teach her how to do it in her teens! ;-)


oh my lord, miss colleen, i have most certainly been gone too long. you've really kicked it up a notch with the writing, girlfriend--you're in your bloggy groove i double extra love me some delaney diaries!


you're in your bloggy groove AND (duh) i double extra...(whatever i said).



Jamie (Miss Blonde Mom) sent me over here. I like the name for your girls, as in "Delaney talks to statues as she's sitting by the pool.." Great name. Great blog!



Glad to find your blog. Thanks for linking to RookieMoms. Nice design!

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