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ick. *shudder* just ick.


omg! reminds me of an old, rather infamous family story with which i shall not hijack your blog, but perhaps should tell over there at chez oy sometime.

why oh why did travel buddy barf in your car? why? don't children that age know enough to say, "PULL OVERRRRRRRRRRRR!" ??

p.s. and do you have margaritas that size at your house? because if so, i'm coming over!


OMG! Ava was TERRIFIED of my brother when she met him at the beach! He had the scary eyebrow ring and creepy goatee (sp?). And instead of speaking sweetly to her... he would open his eyes very big and screech, "HI!!!!!" She lost it! Screamed hysterically everytime he walked into the room. It wasn't until Day 3 that she allowed him to even look in her direction. Even then, she only did so with extreme reservation. :-)

Mrs. Flinger

That there is a good man. And I thought Mr. Flinger rocked when he held my hair back for the pregnancy pukin'. But cleaning it out of the car? I applaud him. :-)

Lisa P

OK, first of all, I have to second moxiemomma's comment. Didn't this kid feel it coming? Surely this wasn't his first experience with vomiting???

As for Roger's cleaning, I can relate. With two kids we've seen our share of puke. I didn't truly appreciate the fact that Shane ALWAYS does the clean up while I console the upset child and bathe and/or change clothes as needed until one day when Preston threw up when he wasn't home. After the consoling and clothes changing, I then grabbed the mop and thought, "Yuck! This isn't usually this bad." Then I remembered that I don't usually clean it up!!

Here's to good men! :)


What a good man! Hopefully Delaney and big brother are getting acclimated. Sometimes teenage boys don't understand the "scaring a toddler is not funny to break the ice" thing.


Eeeeeeew. What a memorable first meeting...sounds like your Roger is a very good man!

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