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I know we feel "warrish" sometimes. I think it comes as part of the parenting job! Feel free to be the queen if you want to. :)

Lisa P

Just catching up on all things Delaney . . . Hang in there, Colleen!! I admit I was lucky. Neither of my kids were biters or scratchers or pinchers so I really can't offer any advice. I can't say that they didn't do it because of something I did or didn't do either. Don't take it personally, just be consistent. She'll get it, eventually.

Meanwhile, kudos to you from me simply for dealing with it!! My SIL was over the other evening with her almost 17 month old daughter. This is a sweet baby by all means but in the few weeks since we've seen her, she's developed a nasty (wait, make that NASTY!) biting and pinching habit. My kids love her and vice versa. They all played happily for hours except for the countless times that she walked up to one of them for absolutely no reason and bit or pinched one of them. SIL's response? "I don't know why she does that. I wish she would stop but I don't know what to do about it." This while she sat on my sofa and didn't so much as SAY anything to the child. I think her issues will be around much longer than Delaney's!

Keep us posted!!

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