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That was so touching.

You can fill Delaney up to the brim with your love, and she will STILL be heartbroken when you are no longer with her. Maybe she will be heartbroken BECAUSE you filled her to the brim. I think that the more love you get from someone, the more love you need from them. We can be overflowing with love from someone and still need them to keep pouring on the love. Thankfully, it is a cup that stays full as long as you remmeber someone. What a nice thing, this love.


What beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.

Happy Love Thursday,



Delaney is a lucky girl, and so are you. My mother and I haven't spoken in a year and a half. You're lucky to have a loving, healthy relationship with your mother.
I have had one mantra, as a mom to my kids. No matter how many mistakes I make and how crazy I drive them making them wash behind their ears and do their homework.....every single day, no matter what, as long as they know that they are LOVED, I will have accomplished my biggest goal. Just to love them, every day, without fail, and that they lay their heads on their pillow at night and know it, without question.
Delaney will know that too, because it's important for you to make sure she does.


what a touching post.

Mrs. Flinger

OHhh, *sniff* don't do that to me! Warn a woman to grab a tissue or something!

Lovely. And well said. :-)

(p.S. you totally look like my friend Marla from Houston. Curly hair and glasses. Ok, that can be almost anyone, but you remind me of her. Heh. And I LOVE that picture. You are both so happy!)


That post and that photo are simply beautiful.

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