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No advice from me, unfortunately. At our house, it's the biting. In less than 24 hours, Big Girl has bitten everyone in the house except for the cat. We've been doing time outs on the stairs, and she's figured out that she should go there when she's been bad. It might be decreasing her bad behaviors somewhat...I can't really tell right now. Argh.


I am so sorry. All I can say is that perhaps we shouldn't feel like we are battling our kids. I find that when I feel that the boy and I are warring - which happens frequently - that I'm a lot more frustrated. When I approach it from a parent-guiding-my-child-for-good-life-habits point of view rather than as enemies fighting until one of us (i.e. - me) is ready to my our head in the oven, I'm a little more patient. This is only possible after I have had a decent night's sleep. And that, my dear, is why I won't be having another baby anytime soon. The sleepless nights, even for a few months, would send me right over the edge when the boy has a particularly willful day.

Let me know if I can help in any way!


Mortifying! Totally - you feel as though everyone thinks you spend time at home chanting, "Scratch! Again! More scratching!" It's awful! We dealt with biting in much the same way as you're doing with Delaney and the phase here petered out around nineteen months.

You should try not to associate Delaney's bed with a's just asking for trouble. We stuck a kitchen chair in the middle of a room, facing a plain wall (no way to reach a wall to kick or hit, nothing fun to look at while you're there). Until about 30 months, time-outs were supervised - we stood there, saying nothing except "no biting! time out!" if we had to replace the kid in the chair during the time-out minute. Pbbbb...

Good luck! If it's any consolation, my kids will now, occasionally, assign themselves time out, as happened yesterday. Lars had helped himself to the hose, filling a basement window well and blasting the side of the house (open windows and all - much fun). As I turned off the water, he guiltily brought the nozzle back and then went straight in to time-out, all on his own. Time served, he apologized and promised that he will not use the hose without asking again. We'll see about that...but it's nice that he's got the time-out routine down!



I read this earlier this week and wanted to comment but I don't really have any advice for you. Amelia has bitten me a few times but luckily doesn't seem too interested in it but lately she is scaling furniture like a monkey! I was going to suggest at the gym class that as soon as she starts to scratch (if you can catch her...again, the hovering thing stinks) that you immediately pick her up and take here out of the room but then you've paid for the class so maybe that is too extreme. Have you posted on any message boards (Baby Center, iVillage?) Good luck! I know this is frustrating.


In our playgroup we have a notorious biter (recently blogged about it too! LOL)and I'll admit it is easy to cast judgement upon the Mom cause the behaviour won't stop. Luckily cooler heads have prevailed and the Moms are continuing to talk to the Biter's Mom about what could be the cause of the behaviour.

Some of our thoughts are...
1. The Biter does it when she is tired.
2. She feels her playmates are "hers" and perhaps she is asserting her dominance over them.
3. She is having a hard time with her "words." At the age of two her vocabulary is limited and she could be frustrated and this is how she communicates.

I'm so glad I read this post as it give the other side to the story.

Nice meeting you in chat last night! ;)


I think this will pass on its own. Maturity will help. Keep being consistent at home. I might choose to keep her away from other kids as much as possible for a while, but I think this is just a stage.

Good luck!

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