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Amid all the choking hazard notices I got when I was reigning queen of terrorizing the daycare, a "Bad Language Report" came home, letting me know that Ross had scandalized the room with a very loud request for, "MORE BOOTY, PLEASE!" ...Good call on teaching D to call them "puffs!"


So, so cute. I love it when you can understand them and they need a little translation for other people to get what they are saying.


Bacon head! Oh dear.

I love the 3 word combinations...very impressive. :)


I love her puhkin picture. So cute. I sure hope she feels better soon. We went through the same thing and it's hard on everyone.

Oh, and this Veggie Booty stuff I must try. I keep reading about it!


Oh, how cute! Don't you just LOVE "Hold you?" Both of my kids said that until sometime after two when they finally realized it was hold me. Every time someone tried to correct them I shushed them because I thought hold you was so darn cute!!

Please, enlighten me . . . I must admit I have no clue what veggie booty is but it sounds like I'm missing something good. Maybe it wasn't around when my kids were smaller???


Ive been getting a lot of "Mama do it!". I like yours better.


i love me some bakin head! that's the cutest!

mostly these days i'm hearing "mama i lub you soooooooooooo much," alternating with "NO! mama, don' say dat!"


Bacon Head. Hee!

That would totally be a great name for a band.

Mrs. Flinger

You know I love how you say what her words are. That's my fave. :-)

Happy 18th month! Get better, Dalaney!


I want a cheesebugger. She probably has some in her nose to share.

Happy 1 and a half!

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