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That's great! And I love Alton Brown too but haven't had the chance to watch his new show yet. Happy Love Thursday!


Sounds like a fun guy weekend for Roger! I'm glad it's just a weekend fling, though. ;)


You totally had me fooled on this one! Great story -- and whoa, that's a nice bike!


I love Alton Brown, but somehow didn't get into this show as much. Guess I'm not a biker girl! Glad that your love is able to enjoy his--at least for a weekend. Happy Love Thursday!

Mama T.

Great story and Happy Love Thursday!


Did you see the episode when he dropped his boke on the trail and had to be taken to the hospital? That was pretty unusual and I was a little surprised they kept it in the lineup. I've ridden on the back of a few harleys and have to say there is nothing like it in the world. Texas highways and side roads were meant for that kind of driving.


I love Alton Brown and have seen that show once. It was really good.

Meanwhile, I hope Roger has fun. Believe it or not, my sister and her hubby both have Harleys. They LOVE to go riding!

Mrs. Flinger

oohhhh, Mr. Flinger wants to do that. So badly. Please don't let him read this ;-)

PastorMac's Ann

Alton Brown is awesome. When my husband was in high school his choir director and the High School band director and their respective wives would spend their summers riding their motorcycles cross country and into Canada.


Sure she's pretty, but can she make a roasted chicken?

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