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I SO agree with. Your breasts (boobs, ta-tas, girls, etc.) did what they came to do. So what if they're less than their former selves now. And, truthfully? Give them at least a few more weeks to see where they end up. There are still internal changes going on at this point, I'm sure.

Thanks for sharing such a personal post. It made me smile.


wow. I'm intrigued with the photo-book idea. If I weren't so self conscious I'd maybe do one too.

Mrs. Flinger

ok, you so crack me up. See? We can totally meet in person. You've talked about your hayhay AND your boobies. Now all we need is a margarita and a few hours and I'm sure we'd cover every topic known to girliehood. :-)

And, as a side note, or maybe the main note, you had perky boobs before Delaney? 'Cause hon, I NEVER had perky boobs. I think I'd be sad to see them go, too. heh.


Thank you for this very honest post. Ever since I stopped nursing my now 14 month old son (nursing ended around 8 months for us), I've been missing my breasts as they WERE. I'm grieving the days pre-sag and wishing I enjoyed them more back then. (or at least noticed what I'd soon be missing).
I can barely bring myself to go braless nowadays. It practically brings me to tears to see myself naked most days. Thanks for your honesty and painting this issue in a new light for me. Thank you so much. I needed that.
And by the way, Happy Love Thursday to you. :)

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