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I'm thinking about it. Only problem is that it's difficult for me to post at home on the weekends. Vince did just get a laptop -- bought it off a friend who was upgrading -- but it does not have a space bar. Fine for surfing, not so fine for posting. I could write weekend entries in advance and have them post automatically... I dunno. Should I?


We're heading to the northern reaches for the November holidays, beyond the reach of ready internet. So, I know I won't be able to post every day in the month...but I will do my best to post often. Hopefully, people will check in to read what I'm writing - I know I'll be keeping up with you!

Mrs. Flinger

Well, I'd like to THINK I'm "in" but I've never really been "IN" and what with the freakin' morning sickness and all...

Hell, 'course I'd do it. Phsaw. What ELSE do I have going on? (Please don't tell me)


Oh, the guilt! Now that I know you're in...argh!


i so completely and totally *want* to be in,'m having a bad run here, so i think i'm going to take this opportunity to unofficially try, which hopefully will catapult me back into blogging more regularly. the logo, though? might be too much sidebar pressure for me ;)


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