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Wow! Does the Almay stuff help with circles or just wrinkles? Because GAH. And I'll have to pick up some of the Bath and Body Works moisturizer - sounds divine!

And you lucky dog. I totally envy your day out!


You sound so happy! Congrats on taking some time to enjoy the things you love! (Besides your daughter and husband, of course)


I am SO in love with Men in Trees, too! Which scares me...when I really like a new show that I have watched from the beginning, they usually cancel it! Except for Medium, they didn't cancel that. So, maybe I'll get lucky! ;-)

It is a really good show. It makes me laugh!


So I'm dying to know what happens when anti-aging cream works. Do you listen to the Violent Femmes more than ever? Get stoned and watch Teletubbies? Have tantrums at the Thanksgiving table? We must know!


I have that chocolate in my fridge right now. Next to the caramello and thin mint girl scout cookies. just waiting for the diabetes to set in now.


Amelia has the pink kitty Robeez although they are the "older" model as they are handmedowns from big sister.

I've been using Neutrogena eye cream for several years now and I can actually tell a difference since my 37-year-old eyes get a bit "crinkly" around the edges. :)

And are you sure you are not in my closet? Everything I own is either black, khaki OR denim. Sigh...


yeah- more on the eye cream- what exactly is it doing for you? I need some too!


We have those Robeez - love them! What I wouldn't do for a pedi right now, I am green with envy.


This summer I started to notice that I was getting fine lines under my eyes and that the area where you have crow's feet appear was turning into a deep line zone. I didn't think too much about it until I saw some stupid segment on The View about eye creams and age and I figured I ought to give it a try. I've got a pretty simple beauty regimen and wasn't crazy about adding a step but I decided to give it a go for a couple of months. I've been so surprised that the lines are filling in and don't look as deep or menacing as before. Slowly but surely this cream seems to be working!

Mommy off the Record

I have to admit that I watch the Bachelor too, although I can't believe it's still on TV! Who's watching this stuff? Oh, yeah, I am...

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