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Hand her some Cheerios and have some chocolate with your wine! :)


I believe that is a perfectly normal reaction. However, I am going to vote on hand her over to the hubs and take a long hot bath.


What a stinker. I know that fish was expensive. I hope you ate hers.


Here you go. It's a merlot.

Emily of Redwhineandboo

On thoes nights I give up and give her peanut butter on toast (our fail safe meal) and head over to the freezer for some ice cream. A nice Cabernet is good with double fudge chunk, just so you know.


With six of us, there's always SOMEONE who's not liking the fare. I have little tolerance for that one. Especially when I have actually cooked it and not just unwrapped it.


I made a batch of organic stuff for my kidlet. First time we tried it, she fell asleep in the high chair. Second time, she closed her mouth tight. Third time, threw the spoon and screamed. I still have a bit of it yet, and for some reason, I am maintaining my optimism that she'll eat it. Okay, really, I'm just stubborn: homemade baby food is a pain in the ass!

Mrs. Flinger

As in I JUST TOLD HER THIS about an hour ago.

yes. And if I could have wine, I'd join you.


Ahhh, kids and their culinary habits, eh? I hate this, too. I especially hate it when it's something I just know they'll love and they instead ask for bread and butter or something equally as boring and non-nutritive.



normal, yes, and don't give up! i'll send you my book. email me your address. it might help :)


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