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Quiche!! Very impressive!


Yay, you! The quiche looks good. Of course, it's just making me sad because you have a working oven and I don't...I don't think I can make a quiche in a slow cooker!


I don't know about all moms, but I sure have that weepy thing going too.


Wow! That looks YUMMY! What kind of quiche was it and where'd you find the recipe? Wannabe-cook-at-home-moms wanna know!


You can't show quiche porn and not share the recipe! ;)

We have been down to one nap for a while. It sucks, although I LOVE it when it is a marathon nap. Amelia's Saturday nap was three hours!

Emily of Redwhineandboo

First of all yumm, I am starving now. Second, YES the crying I am not the only one. The hubby always makes fun of me for crying at every single episode of "Extreme Home make over" It is like the site of Ty Pennington makes me well up. I know with all the new christmas commercials comming out I will be a sobbing mess.


I'm so proud of you! Quiche, a gym update and a strip joint reference all in one post! You are on fire! :)


awesome! quiche rules! and if you liked that you should try a frittata...even less work but still terribly good.

Mrs. Flinger

I am going to EAT quiche. Does that count? :-)

Way to go sistah!


Yummy! Please do share!


Thats funny that you mention 'crying.' I've always been a weepy girl! Just about anything can cause tears to well up for me. BUT - just yesterday, Fred and I were talking about how much WORSE I've become since having a child. It's bad. Seriously - I probably tear-up 4 or 5 times a day! :-) Usually the tears are accompanied by my own laughing.... because someone in the room is making fun of me for crying - again! :-)

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