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Happy Turkey day to you! I am so there with you Kristin Wiig girl crush. The hubby and I break in to "two A-hole mode" all the time. We wanted to go as two A holes for Halloween but we were not sure if anyone else would get it. That skit cracks me up everytime! I am also there with you on the Seinfeld issue, I don't think I can enjoy it anymore knowing what we all know. Pitty, it was a smart and funny show.
I hope your enjoy your holiday weekend!


I love how The Bachelor is playing up this whole "prince" thing, and yet when the bachelor gets asked about it, he kinda shrugs and says, "Way back when, the pope was handing out titles and my family got chummy with him...and the rest is history."

That, and they say he's Italian when he grew up in the states and can hardly order off a pizza menu! lol

That being said, I do think he seems like one of the most decent, down to earth Bachelors the show has seen in a long time. My husband is the one who really keeps up with it. Isn't that hilarious?!

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