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If she ever wants to come to Oregon, she is hired as my personal shopper! I am suffering from a bad bought of Mommy fashon.


I didn't know your sister had such talents. Lucky Delaney! (And lucky Colleen, too!)


Wow! I need her fashion rescue service. I just posted this morning about how I am wearing old lady shoes and track suits to the office now. ;)


You know, maybe you're better off raising Delaney in black and khaki. I am a self confessed shopper. I love shoes and jewelry and new clothes. Callie went on her first shopping trip when she was only five weeks old. Now, when I dare take the child anywhere that sells clothes or shoes, she's just GOT to have something new. I swear last summer she had the finest flip flop collection for miles. Thank goodness I've at least taught her about bargain shopping--we hit Old Navy for their $2.50 a pair flip flops!!!

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