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Mrs. Flinger

Ahhh!! AMEN! That really is an awesome gift!!


MUST try those kisses. I love Reese's so I know I would love 'em.

What a perfect gift! You're friend does rock! :)


Awesome! Sounds like your holiday is starting off pretty well!

Girl con Queso

Oh my gosh, I love this. I'm going to completely steal this swell idea and give something similar to a few friends. So thanks for the idea! And happy Christmas to you and yours!


That is the coolest gift ever...those items. I love friends like that!


God, do I need a single girlfriend with those kind of ideas...oh, and having a non-preggo body would help too! ;-)

((aka Mom of a 20 month old who has 3 boxes of dark chocolate in reserve in the freezer for those "BAD Toddler Days".))

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