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Hubby and I were just talking about glasses for our daughter too. We both wear glasses. Him much younger than I was when he got them. But recently, Ella has liked to play with a flashlight. We will turn all the lights off in the house and she will run around flashing it everywhere. Then she will shine it in her eyes and we scream, "No! dont look at it!"

My vision of our conversation with the eye doctor in the future for Ella,

"So, why do you think your daughter is blind as a bat at such a young age?"

"She stared into too many flashlights when she was younger...."



Our babies are in for the glasses as well, I think. Big Girl (who has the exact same shirt Delaney is wearing in those photos!) fortunately loves her sunglasses, so maybe the transition to prescription ones won't be too rough. But my Baby Girl? Ay yi yi...throws the sunglasses.


woo! that girl's got some long legs on her!! my girl is almost 27 months and holy cow with the independence!


So Precious. She seems very excited about her "special milk" Too cute!

Cathy Frye

Too cute!

(And we're right there with you regarding the propect of glasses. I started wearing them in second grade.)


I had no idea how close in age our little ones are, mine was 23 months just two days later :)

Such great pictures, too!


She's so cute! Happy 23 months! :)


Any milk is good milk I say. My oldest will only drink it laced with chocolate! : )

Mrs. Flinger

OH, the cuteness! It hurts! Seriously, so cute. And, can I just say, I'm totally jealous that y'all are IN SHORTS. Man, I wish I could visit...

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