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I couldn't suck it up and Monte took Noah to "mommy and me" swim classes when he was about Delaney's age. I was pregnant at the time, perfect excuse, but I totally regret it now.

Have you tried board shorts?


One of the only things I think spending good money on is a bathing suit that really fits right. I did last year and despite my fear of putting one on, having one that fit me as well as one could made a big difference in how I felt around the pool. Pregnancy does have a sinister way of rearranging things (as does nursing) indeed!


Ditto on the rearranging. I think it truly is a cruel plot against our bodies by good 'ol Mother Nature how things sag and become misplaced across our midsection.
And no matter how much weight one looses, the body continues to droop and sag...
My vote is to go ahead and take the class. And in another year, you won't remember what your bathing suit looked like, but you WILL remember your memories with Delaney, the giggles, the smiles, the splashing.


Aqua Tot would be so much fun! On first thought, "skirted swimsuit" conjures up images of wrinkled grannies...but you might consider one. LLBean's has some that are very cute! The little skirt might help you feel less self conscious about the belly pooch (not to mention other stuff)?


Totally understand. I have hated wearing bathing suits for many years now! I finally found a suit I could live with - it's a "tankini" type of suit, but with SHORTS! Yes, Shorts! The skirted bathing suit just didn't look good on me, not that the shorts look so much better, but they cover the part of me that I hate the most, and the tank is controlling, if you know what I mean!

Try - they also have a skort (new this year I think, I might have to try it myself!)

I so need to get Leda into a swim class!


Oh lady I feel you right now. I would be terrified to get into a suit right now. I am sure you will look just fine. And think there are people who have seen you half naked on the internet, I am sure the local pool can see you with a suit on.

Like anyone will notice you next to that darling daughter of yours anyway.


Do you have the store "Water Water Everywhere" near you? They are awesome - a million suits to choose from. And just think, when you're in the poo you'll be half covered up anyhow by the water!


OMG, I mean when you're in the pool - not the poo. Wow - bad typing on my part.

Cathy Frye

I've clung to my old suit for nearly five years. This summer, I HAVE to get a new one.

Am dreading it.

Why, why, must we try on swimwear under harsh, unforgiving flourescent light?


oh, we did the Mommy and Me class. And yes, I was the fattest one there. I was really self-conscious at the first one. After that, not so much. Some people may be prettier than others in a bathing suit, but everyone looks equally funny with wet monkey-children gripping onto their necks.

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