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Wow. 5:45 a.m. Very, very impressive. Kudos to you for making the effort. It can only get easier, right?


Carmendy would be proud! Of Delaney, that is.


I hope you got a picture of the lipstick face!!! I have a few of those with Lily...but learned my lesson by the time Emma came of age. And yoga?! YOU are my hero!


Mine has a lipstick addiction now. I had to buy her her own chapstick for Christmas so she'd stay out of mine. She's like one of those ladies who reapplies every half hour.


5:45am? For yoga? You could be sainted. I would never have made it out for that... :O)

My boys used to love my lip stuff, too. Thankfully, more often than not, it was Chapstick because what they really loved to do was roll it allllllll the way UP and then lick it a few times and then just eat it. Not so bad for a $1.50 tube of Chapstick but boy would I have been mad if I'd had to replace so many good lipsticks.

Lucky Delaney mainly decorated herself, too. Lady Epiphany's daughter took to using Chapstick for window art for a's a good thing Lauren's cute!

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