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I'm sorry to hear you had a bumpy start but glad your trip came out well, in the end!


Glad to hear that you are there safe and sound! I've been thinking about you and glad to hear that Delaney was a good traveller and that Roger didn't "accidentally" leave you at a rest stop along the way. ;)


I'm so proud of you for figuring that out so quickly! It took me years to realize that you don't really NEED to know EXACTLY where you'll be 3 hours from now.

That being said, Shane's lack of "organization" while travelling still unnerves me a tad now and then.

Glad you all had a good trip!

Pat Mask

Checked your site this morning on the off-chance you might have updated since you left and was thrilled to hear news of your trip (and, of course, Delaney). Was going into serious withdrawal and that helped (a little).


So glad you made it safely (and feeling well) without any major meltdowns!! Now I'll cross my fingers for some nice spouse bonding time during the road trip home! ;)

p.s. we are headed to Florida this weekend and I have an entire bag of nothing but snacks...glorious snacks. That and the double screen DVD player are key.

Arkie Mama

Sounds so much like my parents -- Mom's a total planner, down to the last second, and myd dad's this wandering, "Oh, let's go look at that and delay things for a day," sort of guy.

I remember watching a video my sisters filmed while traveling with my parents in Germany. It was of them arguing over that day's plans. Hilarious -- brought back so many memories of childhood vacations!

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