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« If this pregnant chick's a rockin', don't bother knockin' or anything else - seriously - I'm just a huge bitch right now. | Main | Body, Soul, and Baby by Tracy W. Gaudet, M.D. »


Kelly O

Yes, Third Trimester -- what I call The Rage and Self-Loathing Trimester -- is something to look forward to. Glad the best one has finally made an appearance!


I am saying all kinds a good things to ms. 2nd trimestor for you. and I hope it helps! Thank goodness the 1st is behind you!


Oh honey, glad you are feeling mostly better. I am sure you will be insainly nesting soon. Oh and hey, why are there no belly photos up yet? I though fore sure if I took the time to drop by I would get to see a cute Delaney kissing a belly!

Arkie Mama

I second the request for belly shots!

Second Trimester, she's definitely both fickle and flakey.

But Third Trimester, she's a bitch.

Hang in there! (I personally recommend peanut M&Ms.)

Believer in Balance

Another entertaining post about your trimester friends!

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