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Even puking, I think you are much more together in your second pregnancy than I was. I took the, "my first one came out and this one surely will too," approach. Aside from overly regular doctor visits and no beer or coffee, my life continued pretty much on schedule. I admire your willingness to read a book and use the information within to consider trying something new with your second pregnancy! The only thing I thought of doing differently the second time was getting the epidural sooner...


So, this author probably wouldn't think that the fact that I FORGET I AM PREGNANT on a regular basis is a good thing. huh. too bad.

Although I will say that I am doing the nightly check-ins as well, and it helps. I feel a little less neglectful, kind of like when Claire watches Dora while eating an organic apple as a snack.


I'm so glad you found this book, or rather it found you! the right book can make a big difference. During my pregnancies, I went for massages (regularly when pregnant with Big Girl, not so much with Baby Girl...funny thing, that), and I swear by them. My regular/non-pregnancy massage therapist had pre-natal massage training, and it was so great. I'd highly recommend it: maybe not as effective for you as the hypnosis you've already had success with, but very nurturing!

Motherhood Uncensored

I was so out of it the 2nd time --so much so that I felt terribly guilty for not doing the whole "talk to baby, love the baby" thing.

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