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miss bliss

I wish I had known those things when I was pregnant! Especially how to explain breastfeeding to a toddler. I realized recently that my daughter (not quite 2) didn't think we were feeding the baby. When we gave him a bottle one day, she started excitedly crying "juice, juice!". Did she really think we were starving him?

Enjoy the brie and sushi...and according to my dr. use caffiene AND tylenol to cure a headache.


you know, I kind of started ignoring all the paranoid food no-nos even in my lst pregnancy. No feta? No sushi? what do they think Greek and Japanese women (respectively) eat while pregnant?

and yeah, we've got the preschooler on boob action going here too. that, and she keeps asking to see my C-section scar.

almost vegetarian

The French (and Italians and Greek and ... ) enjoy unpasturized cheese, pregnant or not. I suspect we have gotten rather paranoid here, in the US, about food, and rather nuts breaking it all down to isolated nutrients as opposed to meals, which truly represents what we actually eat! The old logic seems to be best: Whole grains, fresh and local fruit and veg, and so on. Who knew our mother's were right?!



I ate raw egg accidentally while pregnant and brie and sushi and i even accidentally had a glass of wine once.

So far, no problems. at least not yet.

midlife mommy

Loved the breast feeding story. I really did chuckle out loud. Thank you for the smile.

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