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I have two sons and I was positive I would be a mother to girls. I was actually disappointed with my first son when I learned his sex, but I have to say that he is the kindest, most gentle little boy you've ever met. Yes, he loves to run around and play like any 2.5 y.o., but he loves to cuddle, was a very early talker and loves looking at books. My second son is only 4 months old, so we shall see what his temperment is like soon.

I do however, have two nephews that are the devil incarnate.


Baby Girl did not have a name until 5 days before she was born, as I was certain we were having a boy. Oops. The one benefit of pregnancy related insomnia: if I hadn't been up to the wee hours that one night, who knows how long it would have taken to name her!


If you see a twig and berries today, take heart! There are plenty of little boys who are calm and quiet (mine, for example), but even if you do get one of the wilder variety, the one thing I've noticed about all little boys is that THEY LOVE THEIR MAMAS LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS. It's just the sweetest thing. Trust me.

Kelly O

Before I had one, boys scared me, too. But Summer's right, they do love love LOVE their mamas. And now that my daughter is a little older, she's starting to scare me, too, what with the "So-and-so said she wasn't my friend today, boo hoo hoo." WTF? I thought that wasn't supposed to start until junior high.

Emily of Redwhineandboo

You would be an amazing mother to a boy. He would be lucky to have you for sure. But I am still betting on the girl this round. :) I can not wait to hear.


How exciting! Are you going to let us know?


Hope baby-to-be cooperates with the ultrasound tech! Will be looking for the update...

Island jen

I had a girl first and love her to death but my boy??? At first I was dissapointed to hear I was having a boy but now- I'm so glad I have one- our relationship is so special and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
That's the best part- you'll love them no matter what gender they are.
Having said that, girls clothes is WAYYYYY more fun to shop for. Boys clothes is boring!

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