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I am glad you're feeling better. I don't blame you at all for being on top of this! Not being able to breathe during labor and recovery would have sucked, to put it mildly!

I have a soft spot for your Buffett themed template, but then I love Buffett and the beach! ;)

Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!


Let's see "Diaries of Delaney and (insert baby name here)"? This would be particularly good if it's another "D" name. Not that you should pick a name based on what sounds like a good blog name, but perhaps it's somthing you want to consider... :)

I think you are having another sweet little girl. Though, I kind of HOPE you have a little boy. They kinda smell, but they are wonderful.


No pain meds during c-section? Just the thought of that hurts! I don't blame you for being careful this time!

Arkie Mama

Glad to hear the drugs are kicking in. I have no patience for illness, especially while pregnant.

OK, I love sorting through baby names!

Are you going to share the boy name or make us wait?

As for what you're having, I'm terrible at guessing. I've not been right yet.


Wow, glad you are recovering. I learned about the hellishness of sinus-infections shortly after pipes was born. not cool.

Emily of Redwhineandboo

Oh man I am sorry I am so late at this one. I can not belive I missed this! I am going with girl. And yeah I am good at this ;) never been wrong since I was 14.

I will be sending you something pink soon I am sure of it.

Arkie Mama

My pregnancies were different —

Hardly any nausea with the first, much nausea with the second.

That was the primary thing. Oh, and more fatigue with the second, but I chalk that up to all the toddler-chasing.

On the bright side, I was less neurotic with Pregnancy No. 2 since I was too busy caring for Baby No. 1.

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