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Congrats!!!! You're going to have a lot of fun planning for a little brother. :)

Emily of Redwhineandboo



Well, I guess I have never been wrong in person?

COngrats, I am happy for you. Now I owe you something blue. :)


Wow, that's great! Not so much for Em, but she'll get over it :)

I was in shock, not really sure how I felt, but it's been the best ever. More so than I could have ever hoped for, really. It's so fun to have one of each. We're only into it 6 months, but still.


Squeee! Boys are fun. :) Let me know when you're ready to start collecting stuff...I have a few favorite outfits that I've still got in storage but it's probably time to let them go on to another good home. I'm sure they'll be much happier in use than sealed in plastic bins under our spare bed!

Arkie Mama

Congrats!! I know what you mean -- I was floored the day I found out our second would be a boy.

I'm one of three girls, had a daughter, wasn't sure what to expect.

Little boys are so much fun!


Whoo hoo! PPTs within a week of each other and now two little boys! Am so excited for you. Can't wait to compare notes on penises. ;)

Loyal Observer

We don't have to wait on the baby to do that comparo, do we?




As the mother of a boy, I am so so happy for you! I'd never imagined myself as the mother of a son, but it's been absolutely wonderful thus far. Love having a boy... even if I do sometimes mourn the sad fact that boy clothes are not nearly as much fun to shop for as girl clothes. Other than that, it's great.

I bet your husband is pretty happy about this news. Men usually do swell a bit with pride for having made a boy. You might have to tickle him until he tells the truth.


aw! congratulations!!



The only son I will have is my wonderful Westie, Duff. Not that I am at all unhappy about the fact that Leda is a girl - in fact, I was strangely not upset when I found out the only child I planned to have was going to be a girl when all I had hoped for was a boy.

Can I live vicariously through you? ;-)


Congrats on the Baby Boy! And my thoughts echo what Summer wrote.
Little boy clothes aren't nearly as cute, but little boys sure are! I have a 2 year old son and love him to bits. At first I wanted only girls, but I think we get what we need and a little boy is really good for me.
Be ready to be kept on your toes, they do have TONS of energy though!


Yay!!!! :-)

Mrs. Flinger

I've been just awful at blogstalking lately. I'm so glad for you, though!! I mean, I LOVE having one of each LOVE it. You will, too. Promise. :)

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