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Arkie Mama

The todder rage will pass -- probably more quickly than a sinus infection during pregnancy!

(I swear, I had one that lasted for months when I was pregnant with Ethan... and no good drugs. Ugh.

Hang in there!


We are in the same boat - Leda is "testing" us at every chance. Anytime she's told no, she points at me and tells me to "Stop talking at me!" Oh, yes, and hitting and kicking, if I am in range. It's wonderful.

Nothing working here either. Keep at it though. I refuse to let a two year old rule my world.

Of course, when she does something cute and loving, she can rule my world all she wants!

Hope you feel better soon!


Oh! Sinus infection during pregnancy and 2-yr-old testing?! You poor thing!

My only advice on discipline is find something that *really* upsets her, and use it Consistently. Consistently. Every time. Without fail. Unfortunately I have no idea what will work for her... :(


So, so sorry! The toddler rage fest will eventually end, but it's so hard in the throes! Would she be persuaded by withdrawal of bedtime books? I know it sounds like the wrong thing to withhold, but a couple times that was the only thing that worked for us with our oldest. Timeout? How long, she asked, smiling. No toy mattered that much to her, no outing, either. But tell her she was facing no books after bath and that was it. As for the sinus infection -- I had a whopper of one while nursing and faced a similar drought of decent pharmaceutical relief. Hang in there!!


We found toddler rage abated with better communication - it wasn't so much the not getting what they wanted, more the not having us understand what they wanted. When Delaney gets riled up, try giving her an M&M. The unexpected treat should distract her enough that you can maybe get in a rational word or two...or even just divert her to something less rage inducing. Good luck with your cold! I hope Roger will pamper you double since you can't have the good drugs.

Domestic Diva

Hang in there!

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