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Arkie Mama

Love the update! And that she's such an adventurous girl -- you go, Delaney!!

I, too, hate Inflatable Hell.

Just wait 'til you're trying to keep up with two there! It sucks, truly, especially if you have to crawl into an inflatable to pull out a struggling, angry child.


The best part of my two is something I realized when they were having non-synchronized naps (we have remedied that this summer...thank goodness!). It's a lot of work to entertain Baby Girl when big sis is not around. While they do beat on each other a fair bit (seriously, the pushing? the hair pulling? toddler cat fights: it's too weird), they really do a fantastic job of keeping each other company.

Domestic Diva

being a mother of two isn't bad in the beginning but when they get older and can actually run from you is when it becomes difficult. Oh and the mouth as soon as they realize they can tell you NO that will never be the end of it.


Amelia is a little daredevil, too! I don't know if I could handle boys...I'm too much of a wimp.

We're plugging away at the potty training but I'd say we're not making a ton of progress. I'd be tickled if she's out of diapers by Christmas. Maybe Santa will comply? ;)

Good luck with your little escape artist!

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