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Arkie Mama

I know what you mean. Even on the day contractions started with Ethan, my primary concern was getting Amanda's hair cut because -- omg, she wouldn't look presentable in the hospital photos. Too much to do and no time for it all.

Hope you get the weekend away though!


Lars' birthday is December 30th. Waddle aside, how do you feel about waiting the extra day? :)

oh you know your body just gets there faster the second time...and faster still that third time around. love it while you can before all hell breaks loose.

and good luck scheduling. i love a good schedule.


I so know where you're coming from. We did a huge remodeling project that was supposed to be done 2 weeks before my due date. The project took longer than expected and the contractor didn't finish until the day I went into labor! At some point you have to accept that whatever happens, thing will be OK.

Something else that can give you peace of mind is finding a way to organize your busy schedule, especially with another little one on the way. The tool that saved me is It really helps me to keep everything straight because I can't rely on mommy brain to remember everything. Best!


Oh, the memories! We (mom, dad, and daughter) went for quickie haircuts the night before I went into labor. I must have felt the nesting urge; I insisted we get all three of us done right then and there.

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