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Hang in there, sweety! I so know the "fun" of the hormonal moods...stock up on some chocolate, maybe??

Arkie Mama

My worst moment of rage occurred two nights before my little boy's birth.

I was standing in line to pay at Luby's -- hugely pregnant and holding a squirming toddler -- when a group of old men and women pushed -- YES, PUSHED! -- me out of the way and surged by to beat me to the register.

I have never been so angry. I wanted to chase them down in the parking lot and beat them over the head with their hefty purses.

The rage was such that I wondered, "Hm. I wonder if you get all cranky and PMSish right before birth -- just like you get all crabby before your period? Makes sense, doesn't it?

Anyway, by next morning the contractions had started.

Use the rage. OWN the rage!


oh sister. i know all about the rage. hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nike Shox Navina

Once owned of, don't forget. Valentine's day has been attracted to cherish; more, Don't give up the things that belong to oneself, Lost memories; for, Want, You must work hard, But most importantly, Take care of yourself!

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