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Kelly O

Hey, my daughter was born Dec. 28! We'll have to confer about how to have a decent birthday celebration between the two biggest holidays of the year.

I think you look beautiful.


How DARE that EVIL person ask if you are having twins!?!?! That happened to be just once and I'm certain that convenience store clerk was a moron. No one with half a brain asks a woman that.

I'm with Kelly O: you look lovely. See you tomorrow!


(am busy rubbing that belly for good fortune)

p.s. you look fabulous.


you look awesome! love that shirt!

when pregnant with big girl, i got into an argument with a woman who was certain that i was having twins, going so far as to say my doctor and my ultrasound were wrong. if i could have got my leg into the air, i would have kicked her.

Mrs. Flinger

Yup, I was right there with ya. I think I said the same words, in fact. But hon? When it's not you? You know, the person in the mirror? You can see how lovely you look. And you do!

Strangers need swift kicks in the nuts most days, I find. :-)


Pttthhht. You look great.

Stupid people saying stupid stuff to pregnant women. It will never end.


I got HUGE in my second pregnancy, too, outgrowing even my largest pregnant pants and causing my mother to recommend I consult a tent-maker for new dresses. I was not cursed with morning sickness, though, and so had gained about 50 pounds! Everyone thought I'd be birthing an elephant...but Lars came out a mere 1/2" longer than his brother had been and only 7lb 13oz. Anyway, if you find yourself having outgrown everything in sight, give me a call. I'm sure I still have Beullah's number around here somewhere - she made a very nice tent...

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