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we should share a single To Do list. you sound just. like. me.


You don't have to do al those things at different times! Multitask.

Pedicure #1: Take a pad of paper and a pen and make a list of all the people you want to get gifts for and what you might like to get them.

Prenatal massage: Dream of all the wonderful ways that this little guy is going to change your lives. This will make room for him in your heart.

Pedicure #2: Whip out the trusty pad and paper and the list you wrote last time. Make a list for of the stores that need to visiting and what should be purchased at each store. This list will make your life easier or can be passed off to Roger if need be.

Buy some cookies, eggnog and a bottle of wine and invite your family over for a holiday decorating party. Your dad will put up the tree, your mom and sister will put the ornaments on and the kids will entertain one another. Everyone will have a good time and you can unwrap ornaments from tissue paper while sitting on the couch.

And anything that doesn't get done? You have the best excuse in the world.


Pedicure #3 - take Delaney! Her toes may be tiny but your place will probably put a little polish on them for her and it can be the start of a special activity you'll probably never share with her brother. :)


holy cow!! Nearly there!!

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