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We had the bjorn with daughter #1, and the daddy liked it but me, not so much. Then I bought a sling for daughter #2, and it saved my life. She did not want to sleep before midnight, only content if I held her, until I plunked her into the sling. Then I could happily do my thing at the computer until midnight, give her a feed, and she'd sleep in her crib. It worked great with her in the front hold position for however long they say it'll work, but when I tried to switch to the hip carry, it wasn't so great because the edge of the sling cut into her chubby legs and she'd get blue feet. Not so happy about that part, so I don't think I'd recommend the one I bought (can't remember the name right now, how helpful is that?). A friend of mine loved hers; I could check what kind she bought.

Also, I got one of the sized ones that's just a big loop of fabric, not one that has an adjustable ring thing. Don't know if that would make a difference.

Has this been any use at all? I'm babbling...procrastinating my NaNoWriMo!


We loved our Kelty Kangaroo Carrier! It was easily adjustable to fit me or Chris and the weight distribution was great for both of us. The Kangaroo is good for rear facing and front facing and fit Ross (who was tiny) until he was nearly two. We never had a stroller for Ross - he went straight from the carry pack to walking. Lars was a much bigger baby so he outgrew the Kangaroo much more quickly and we got a Kelty Journey Backpack. I wasn't as fond of the backpack - the weight distribution was also great but I found it inconvenient to have the kid behind me. We've loaned both Keltys out to several other families - they wear really well! We got ours at EMS, a camping and sporting goods store. You can probably find them online for a reasonable price if there aren't any good camping stores near you.


I've asked people when I see them wearing their child in a wrap, and lots of people here seem to like the Maya Wrap ( Apparently you can use them for a long time. I, too, am thinking about a sling for the next one, so I'll be eager to see what you think.

Avoid the Infantino SlingRider. I bought one of those with the boy and returned it because neither of us were comfortable in it.

Arkie Mama

I used a Kangaroo Korner sling with my second. We both loved it.

(I got a lightly padded one because it made nursing easier -- more support.)


I had a sling with padded rails that I really liked; I can't remember the brand (um... maybe "Parenting Concepts"?) but I doubt it matters, because we're talking about something I bought more than 5 years ago, and that's a glacial age in baby-product terms. I mean, I actually registered for a baby-care set that included INFANT COLD MEDICINE. The dark ages, really.

I liked the padded rail sling because the part on my shoulder was padded and comfy, and I felt like my son was more secure in there than in the maya-wrap-style ring sling I also had. But take my advice, and heed the sizing instructions. I bought a used regular-size one off eBay because I just HAD TO HAVE the discontinued leopard-print fabric, and I really should have ordered the small size.


We didn't use a sling for Tim, but I am definitely getting one for our baby girl. Your post and the comments are very useful!


Hotsling is my favorite mass-market sling. I've also purchased slings from Slinglings for friends with good feedback.

I'm planning to use my Hotsling again, and I also bought a mei tai this time around to try out. We've got a Baby Bjorn as well.


Wait - we're not allowed to give infants cold medicine anymore? How do you get them to sleep?


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