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Nope, completely rational. As much as I disliked being on the pill, I'd much rather commit to being on that indefinitely than go the surgical route; I'd definitely vote for keeping one's options open.


So many other things you can do. I understand your choice.

Using My Words


Definitely not crazy. If you're not 100% sure, and your hubby is, let HIM get fixed. And you never know what life will throw at you -- morbid thoughts aside, you could both just change your minds... in which case a vasectomy is easier to reverse. :)


We say we're 100% sure we're done and yet I could not convince myself to do it either.


also skipping that chapter, and for the same reason, despite the fact that my husband is my age and presumably healthy. the pessimist in me says divorce happens, death happens, and while I don't anticipate either of those things, getting sterilized is just TOO FINAL at this point.


If you are not 100% committed to it, then don't do it. For me, tubal ligation saved my life (and I have no kids). Literally. So I'll support in any way someone's decision to become voluntarily sterile, but at the same time, I support not making that choice either.

Choice.. that's what it's all about. And if your hubby knows that he is for sure through.. then, yes, he is the one who needs to take action.

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