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I can honestly say that this is one of the reasons, looking back, that I am glad Claire was in daycare as an infant. She got all of the bugs early, was pretty easy to manage (nurse, cuddle, nurse, repeat), and now she has a ROCKSTAR immune system. My neighbor's kid started preschool this fall for the first time and has been sick off and on for three months, at age 4.

Sending lots of healthy karma your way!


2 weeks! yeeehawww! Whatever happens, everything will be OK!!! Don't stress about things you cannot control, this is just the time of year for it.

Arkie Mama

I remember the pedi telling me, "She either gets it now or in kindergarten, so quit kicking yourself."

I repeat that to myself every fall.

Crossing my fingers that everyone is well when it's time for delivery!

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