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Kelly O

WHA?! Wow. Insurance companies SUCK.


Umm, I don't even know what to say. That sounds crazy. But, I'm glad you have a new date confirmed so you don't have to worry about such silly details!


Lars was born on December 30th, we were discharged on January 1st. The company I worked for then changed health insurance at midnight on December 31st! Even though I knew about the change and called the new company months ahead, it was a huge disaster, because they had no way of doing anything before we were actually clients. Then, once we were clients, their office was closed (Jan 1st). When I called on January 2nd, they were frantic. I had to pre-certify in order for them to cover any expenses to do with a baby! There had to be prior authorization for a hospital stay! It did, eventually, all get sorted out but I think you're making the right choice bumping up a day to avoid the chance of insurance hassle.


That's crazy, I have never heard of such a thing. So odd, but yay for meeting your little one a day earlier :)

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