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Top one is my fav!


They turned out great! And you shine for the camera as well. I'd love to see the rest.


The whole set is so great. I'm going to have to get the number of your photog fir when I'm all big and want some of my boy and I together...


The pictures look fantastic! The top one is my favorite, too. It reminds me very much of one I have of my boys. Seven years later, looking at it still makes me smile every time!


Those first two are just absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love them. So sweet. :)

All of them are beautiful but those first two of the two of you together are my favorites.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing. You look beautiful by the way, hot mama!


Wow, lovely pictures, really! Love first one of you and Delaney and the baby bump - that's a keeper! Especially when the kids are fighting when they are older - you can whip it out and show them how much they love one another from the very start! ;-)


holy goodness, the second one of you both is utter perfection. just incredible.


these pics are gorgeous. you should turn them into a holiday ecard! check out the Pampers "Peace on Earth" to create your own slideshow with any images you want to share for the holidays, accompanied by a lovely acoustic version of "Silent Night." you can create your holiday ecard here
I hope you like it!

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