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My two labours felt completely different. With kid 2, I thought I was coming down with the flu all morning at work, feeling all barfy and chills/feverish. No other symptoms until 10 that night when I realized I was having contractions. So, I'm not trying to alarm you, but I know that back then I was thinking if I'd known that I was actually in labour, I would have got my act together a little sooner (I packed my bag for the hospital about 60 minutes before I delivered!). I've been thinking about you as your big day gets closer: all the best! How exciting for your family!


On the other hand, even if it is/was labor, I know from experience that labor does not always equal childbirth. While waiting for my son, I went in and out of labor -- real, 4-minutes-apart labor -- for FIVE WEEKS before he deigned to arrive.

But we do need an update, at least one more little entry, so we can either wish you luck or give you our congratulations. Please?


I didn't recognize labor either time I was in it. Chris had to tell me the first time (I was in the bath and wiggling uncomfortably on an apparently very clockable schedule) and his mom the second (I thought I had the flu). You'll be in my thoughts today!

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