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Good luck! Chris' grandmother's birthday was December 27th - if she's any indication, it's a good birthday to have. I'll be thinking of you!


Best of luck to you guys tomorrow. What an amazing feeling to know you will be a family of four in just a matter of hours. Wishing you all well.

Kelly O

Happy birthday to your little boy (and good luck to you)!


It's gonna be a GREAT day! Thinking of you, beautiful!


Hmmmm, the theatre saying is "break a leg" but that seems inappropriate here. May your recovery be swift, how's that?

My SIL is also having a baby on the 27th, (her 3rd girl and 2nd child on December 27th....she's in a rut).



Good luck with everything today! I can't wait to hear about your new son.

Thinking of you!


Congratulations, Colleen! I'm so happy for you and your growing family. Can't wait until you're feeling up to posting again. Best wishes!


thinking of you today THE day :) speedy recovery to you and here's to the BOY! xomox


Thinking of you and your little tax deduction! :-)))

Enjoy! My baby boy is 15 now and it all seems so long ago...


I cannot wait to hold my new nephew!!!! Glad things are going so good!!!


Oh, my. Good luck! Congratulations! My baby boy is 15 going on 16 now, but I still remember his winter birth day.

midlife mommy

By now, you are holding your sweet little guy in your arms. Enjoy.

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