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Wow. WOW! Can't wait to hear the grand entrance story!

The latter two pictures made me all mushy.


Delaney suddenly looks like a Big Sister! These pictures don't show much of a chubby-cheeked toddler anymore... :)

Boy oh boy are you carrying a boy! Looking good (if huge) - can't wait to see the little guy!

Arkie Mama

You look fantastic!

And she does look like a big sis already. Again, I can't believe you're this close!


You are adorable!

We have that same mobile and it's been a favorite for both the kids.


One week! If I can't believe it, I'm sure you can't either. :)


You look too cute! I can't believe we'll get to hear about the birth so soon!


I think I am keeping up nicely with you:

Delaney looks adorable with that sling around her! Which one did you end up getting?


You look Beautiful, and D looks like she is ready to be a big sister! I love that sling.

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