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Kelly O

I hear you, man, I hear you. Deep, cleansing breaths....


I'm glad to hear that Delaney is adjusting to being a big sister.

You hang in there mama and rest when you can. (And take all the help you can get!)


hang in there babe. i went through the same with the girl. of course you don't know what to do yet--you've just met him! you need time to get to know one another. it's a crazy little system, but it will get better and easier. exponentially. with each passing day. (just think of all the things you've learned about waylon in the past week!)

i'm around. email if you want a virtual ear ;)



It's all a dress rehearsal for the years ahead of you ... ;)
It is the roller coaster of life - but I'm thinking about you...and hope you can get some rest in the shadows of the darkness.
PS: Kiss my niece and nephew for me -


PS: I agree with Jamie...
don't tell anyone NO - If you have offers for help - SAY YES!

Arkie Mama

You're in the dark place at the moment, but remember -- reach back and look really, really hard! -- that it does pass, especially once you and that cute new guy have fallen into comfortable patterns.

(I sobbed through a roll of toilet paper one night. Believe me, I know the place you're describing.)

Just give those hormones a little time to start leveling out and don't be afraid to say it's hard when it IS hard.

I love your honesty -- such a great post.


In about a month, you'll be wondering at how Waylon's turning seven - when did that have time to happen? Hang in there...


Thinking of you...

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