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Johnson & Johnson makes a baby vapo-rub lotion and vapo-bath that are good for clearing noses. We also find the scent soothing. You can do the whole vaporizer thing but I never found that to be very effective at much beyond making the walls wet. Keep the baby warm and use the snot sucker a lot and know that we're all thinking of you!


Oh this is so familiar! My daughter brought a cold up to my son the first day she came to the hospital.... so he got sick at 3 days old. I spoke with a pediatric nurse advice line and they advised using a humidifier by his bed and using saline drops in his nose before each feeding. They had us putting a couple drops of saline in a nostril, waiting 30 seconds, then suctioning that nostril while holding the other one shut. Repeat on the other side. Wait 1 minute and start again. Do this in cycles of 3 (so each nostril gets it 3 times, 1 minute apart) before each feeding as long as he sounds congested. They said to make sure you do it before feeding because otherwise the baby will throw up.

I found it worked well to suction right after feeding too. It took our little guy about 10 days or so to get over the worst of it.

Good luck!

Arkie Mama

I had this same fear when my youngest was born.

Now I can't remember when he got his first cold, only that I fretted through each of his sister's ailments, just like you're describing.

Hope this one passes him by.

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