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I think you'd know if your baby wasn't getting enough to eat. He'd be cranky, listless, probably squalling ("more food!"). It sounds to me like your lactation consultants are trying to fit you and Waylon into a prescribed format, rather than evaluating your actual situation. If I were in your position, I'd drop the lactation consultants and listen to your doctor.


Well, you know we've been facing the same thing. I don't think D re-gained her birth weight for about 4 weeks and it's been slow going since then. Here's the bottom line: she is small, but she is healthy. And it sounds like Waylon is as well. Trust yourself. You would know if he is starving.


Your little guy is doing great and I think that you are certainly doing the right thing by trusting your ped (and your instincts) in this situation. :)


If Waylon is puttin' out the pee and poop regularly, you should be fine! As Karen and Monica said, if he was starving he'd let you know it! :-)

Arkie Mama

Go with your gut, mama.

Sounds like he's right on track.


I agree - when in doubt, consult the diapers! ;) And trust me, a hungry baby will let you know!
Also, I'm much more likely to trust a doctor rather than a lactation consultant.... they can be wonderful, but which one went through tons of very expensive schooling to be an expert?

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