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Sibling love is the best, isn't it?

Happy Love Thursday!!


I love the one where they are holding hands. Sweet love.


Sweetness. And they totally share genes.


Are his eyes blueis or brownish...i can't tell?


That adorable first picture? Where they are both looking at you with such sweet innocence you just want to gobble them up? Those are the VERY SAME LOOKS you will get in a few years when they've conspired to do something amazingly fun that they've realized you probably won't be too keen on discovering... My advice? Gobble them now! :)


That is some serious cuteness going on -- especially the handholding pic!

I also got a giggle out of the "less gestating."

bleeding espresso

Aw, of course that day will come--the love between them is growing every day! And look! You have proof in the photos :)


That first picture - absolutely adorable. Both are, but that first one, that looks like they were conspiring together on something and those faces are covering it up. Absolutely adorable kids!

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