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I have no advice on the running from you, but I'm sorry, it has got to be terribly scary and frustrating.

I can't seem to get past the fact you nursed while shopping in Target - YOU ROCK MAMA, Rockstar indeed. I'll never forget the day I nursed while cooking Boo lunch and even went as far as to call my husband all like "guess what I'm doing? I'm nursing! And cooking! At the same time." Oh, the life of a mother.


I would seriously consider getting one of those backpack "leashes" for that purpose. I'm not a huge fan, but considering what a smart and independent girl Delaney is, it might make a huge impact on her as to how serious you are about this.

Just a thought.


Or, if she hates the stroller, strap her into it in front of all her friends so the peer pressure effect works. Tell her if she can't be trusted to stay with you, she will be contained by you.


Go you! Rockin' the Target world, nursing in the aisles! With the number of boobs on display for no reason these days, it's nice to know that at least one was out for a practical purpose today.

As for Delaney and her innocent death-wish, I feel for you. How to explain the whole "do this and die" concept to a little girl who isn't even clear on what life is yet? I think it's worth taking a bit of extra time inside the daycare to juggle everything around before you hit the pavement. Bring a bag with handles that you can sling over a shoulder for the pounds of paperwork and lunch box so that you'll have a free hand for Delaney. Also, try making her stand on the hinge side of the gate when you open it, so that you block her way into the danger area. If she tries to dart around you, pull the gate shut again, with all of you still inside. Let others come and go as necessary, stepping back inside the gated area, until Delaney waits patiently for you to open the gate and lead her to the car. She's a bright kid...I doubt it will take more than a day or two of gate re-dos before she learns how she must behave.

Arkie Mama

We've had this problem with the younger one. And I know the scenario you described well -- trying to exit the school, arms full, trying to hold onto both kids.

I don't know what to advise because ours never listened either. I still hold onto him as we leave because I'm so afraid he'll bolt.

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