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You go mama!

And that smile is priceless! :)


You so rock.

Lara Hedin

Well done! I am also spacing out Luca's shots (10 months now), and will wait until 2 for the MMR. We didn't get the Heps yet either. We'll wait until after 2 also. I really like how you offered him the book. Really, he is just a person, and he needs to be responsible for the info he shots he is giving out, not his medical student. Really.
I'm so glad to see Waylon happy and healthy, with a smart, strong Mama at his side, ready to ROAR.


Waylon is SUCH a cutie! Good thing he has an older sister to keep him in his place...

Go you for actively researching and discussing your medical concerns with the doctor!


Good for you for doing your research and standing your ground with your doctor! I remember staging my own rebellion when my son's pediatrician tried to push us away from breastfeeding at a very early stage. He wasn't listening to us, so we changed doctors.

I have to say, 16 years later, that I should have looked more into vaccines rather than just accepting them as they came. I will always remember one night when our son was a baby; we had just come back from getting him a shot (I'm not sure which one), and we were having friends over for dinner. That whole evening, our son was crying in the strangest, most heartrending way, and I keep wondering what that shot might have contained and what it might have done to him.


I'm glad you worked with a different vaccine schedule instead of eliminating the vaccines altogether. It sounds like you did your research, though things through, and made an educated decision.

Julie Pippert

WTG and power to you, seriously. We also used a custom vaccine schedule and ended up having to switch pediatricians to do so. My kids have every necessary vaccine, but delivered in a safe-for-them way.

(For anyone who doesn't know the backstory: I hit this point of vigilance the hard way after my first baby landed in the hospital with a life-threatening adverse reaction to the vaccinations she got. And still? That pediatrician did not want to alter "the plan." Fired her and moved on and have been happier ever since.)

So glad you wrote this and are helping other moms see that there is a happy middle ground with vaccinations: stay healthy but vaccinate safely.

Velveteen Mind - Megan

I have fallen about six months behind on my 20 month old's vaccination schedule. At first, I blamed it on our new ped's office not being able to schedule more than a month in advance.

I now realize that I am spooked by so much I read about vaccines. Mothers whose 2 year olds were totally fine, received a vaccine, and then changed forever into stoic strangers.

This makes me feel better about my hesitation. I need to read more and you are pointing me in a good direction.

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