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I love that at two, she was arguing politics already.


Something about lately just hasn't been good for blogs - a lot of my favorites (including my own...) have been on a considerably reduced publishing schedule. I'm hoping that mine, at least, will resurge - I miss having a record of what was going on each month! Miss your news, too, but understand how hard it is to find time for anything at all that is not baby or little kid related...I'll still be here when D & Way are old enough to entertain themselves. :)


I can relate to your separation anxiety. Peyton just started Mother's Day Out. Can we just say that he's none to happy about it??? Good for you for starting Way at 9 months. Peyton's 18 months and the boy knows what he wants--M.O.M.M.Y. all the time.

But, this too shall pass, and one day he'll just love it, RIGHT?!?!?!

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