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I love how Waylon sort of wiggles his rear to scoot ahead! And Delaney's toss of the keys - pretty much right to her brother - was an obvious, "Mama, would you just hand him the keys already? I'm trying to watch TV!" :) Also? Waylon waving at the end? I can't believe how connected he is to what's going on around him. You are in SO much trouble...


I loved seeing that. His crawling is so dang cute.


Awesome. Super cute kids who are SO SMART. Karen is right about you being in trouble.

p.s. - I know I owe you an email... :)


That was just too stinking cute!! I LOVE crawling babies, despite the trouble they can get themselves in!! Delaney's comment was too much! How dare you videotape her brother's milestones during her TV show?!?!?

Love the wave at the end, too! :)

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