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Yay for updating on kidlet progress! I've really been falling behind on that myself. But, oh my, how scary with the allergies. I've worried with my girls as there are some significant allergies in our family background, but so far we've been really fortunate. So much more to worry about once you become a mama!!


OMG how scary that yogurt thing must have been! I'm glad Delaney got a kick out of the ambulance ride instead of being scared...but hope she never has cause to take another one.

Don Mills Diva

Good for you!

I can't imagine how scary that incident with the yogurt must have been - that is the kinda stuff that no one can prepare you for...


First off, I'm soooo glad that Waylon is OK and nothing truly serious happened! Whew!

Secondly, it was so much fun to read such a detailed update on the little ones!! When I was reading the beginning about Way's yogurt incident, I keep thinking, "Oh how scary for such a tiny little baby!" Then when I saw he was 10 1/2 months I was like, "NO way!!!" I was still thinking he was like 5 or 6 months. What an idiot I am!

Oh, and, yeah. Sorry I didn't warn you on that one kid to two thing. It was awful!! The good news? Two to three is a PIECE OF CAKE! I know, that makes absolutely no sense, but it's so true in my experience.

Not that I think you're going for #3 but just saying . . . :)

Kelly O

Oh jeez, that gave me anxiety just reading about it. Glad your little boy is fine.


I,too, really enjoyed your update. Have been feeling out of the loop lately and hate that. Also, am so glad you've found a good babysitter (yeah, SOOO jealous!) When I return from my Thanksgiving sojourn am definitely going to see you and the kids. Think about you guys all the time!

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